Our new CS:GO Main Team!

We are proud to present to the world our new Counter Strike: Global Offensive team. It has been a long and rocky road, but we have finally found a team that we are 100% convinced of. We are looking forward to the future together and hope for many great moments. The following lineup will represent us from now on in the 99Damage League Division 2 and in the ESEA Intermediate.

Welcome to:
Sebastian „Pictrucz“ Ayad
Fabian „Spidergum“ Salomon
Niklas „Rizzlas“ Rizzi
Pascal „Preyse“ Schön
Yannick „yannickkk“ Schoeneberg
And our Coach:
Tom „Tomtimi“ Solka

Statement Jakob Winter (CEO):
A long-awaited dream comes true for me today with V4. Finally V4 has the opportunity to establish itself in CS:GO. I see a very successful and exciting season with our new guys and look forward to the future. The ambition of the new team is unbelievable. Also the common team spirit is very strong. I wish the team all the best for their upcoming games.

Statement Tom Solka (Coach):
We are happy to represent the V4 Multi-Gaming organization in the upcoming 99DMG Season and in the upcoming Esea Season. With V4 we have an organization that supports us very much and that we can trust. We are also happy to introduce our new fifth man Rizzlas after the leave of Vicouswolf, who will upgrade our lineup. We are excited about the cooperation and the upcoming challenges.

You can also look at the team again on our team page!