Passions never die.

V4 is a family, of course we put a high emphasis on professionalism but this is our passion. Every day we have 20+ people working on this organization to bring as much content and quality as possible. And that’s what we value the most, the community! Evenings where we just play and talk a bit or just enjoy a beer together. We have founded V4 as a community, the community team we have closed last year but that does not mean that we are no longer a community. Because then we are, V4 is our passion and passions never die! No matter if editor, developer, manager or graphic designer! Everyone in our team knows how we work and knows exactly that they always have someone to talk, no matter what time it is. On our TeamSpeak or on the Discord you can always find someone. And also to play you can always find someone and that’s what we stand for. #neverplayalone is our slogan, in the last days I played a lot with some members, no matter if content creator or server moderator. And of course people from our community are always welcome!