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What does this JTS3ServerMod do?
The JTS3ServerMod is a Teamspeak multifunction bot that can perform a wide variety of functions in the Teamspeak. This bot is known by various names, such as JTS3ServerMod, TS3-Controlbot, TS3-Securitybot, Adminbot or similar names.

This bot performs various services in the team peak, the most important of which is probably the server group protection of the server administrator (we do not recommend protecting other groups). For large communities, such as Altis Life, the bot can be very useful in many things, e.g. can inform a certain user group when a user enters a channel. As an example: a user enters the support channel – the bot informs all moderators that a user is currently in this channel and tells the user at the same time „Please wait briefly in this channel, x moderators have been informed.“ However, the functions included are many more .