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Imagine that you could call up your physical and mental peak performance in e-sports at any time. Unreal? Absolutely. But it shows how great our potential is – and how little we use it. Our work at PL4ZMA focuses exclusively on your maximum performance as a player. PL4ZMA E-Sports Nutrition products help you deliver your A-Game! They were developed in collaboration with experts in nutritional science, human biology and neuroscience based on the latest studies. The result is Performance Nutrition for the highest demands in e-sports. Our motto is 100% effect and 0% bullshit. Behind this slogan are the two founding brothers of PL4ZMA with heart and brain. As children of the Ruhr area they grew up with football, beer and coal. Both got nothing for free and had to work hard on themselves. Now they are proud that they have fulfilled the dream of their joint venture and have put everything on one card.